Möbius Earrings in Silver by Georg Jensen


GJ ref: 3539223

Möbius –a heart and the infinity symbol are hidden in the flowing shape.

Möbius has only one surface and one edge.

Möbius is a thoughtful, feminine form based on the mathematical principal of infinity. Setting out with the idea of a continuous flowing form, artist Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe reinvents love’s classic symbol: the heart.

True to the designer’s thoughtful nature, she has also hidden the initials “G” and “J” within the design, as an ode to the master silversmith himself. The representation is subtle and, in this way, it is classically Vivianna. All of her designs have symbolic elements that encourage the wearer to use her imagination.

The earrings for pierced ears are comfortable and secure.


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