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Fope has been creating beautiful, fine Italian jewellery since 1929, when founder Umberto Cazzola opened his first goldsmith’s workshop in Vincenza, Italy. He started by employing 20 people and eventually passed the business onto his son, Odino, who was instrumental in the growth of the business and he invested in new technologies to develop revolutionary designs.

The company has been passed down four generations of the Cazzola family and in the year 2000 Fope became an internationally recognised brand. The brand’s designs have become instantly recognisable on the catwalks around the world, creating a stunning and iconic style.

Today, the brand has flagship stores around the world in London, Venice, Isola Bella, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and is featured with a range of jewellers across the country like H L Brown.

Flex'It: Fope's flexible jewellery

A first in the world of jewellery, Fope have created a range of revolutionary, flexible 18ct gold jewellery. Bracelets that roll onto your wrist with no need for a clasps. The unique technology developed by the brand is also seen more recently in their collection of rings and necklaces, with matching earrings and necklaces to complete a full suite.

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Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection brings together everyday glamour that can be dressed up or down. Simple, understated style that can be worn at any time comprising of various earrings and Flex'It flexible rings.

Panorama Collection

Incorporating the ground-breaking Flex'It flexible gold technology the Panorama Collection features classic designs with eye-catching diamond set pendants and rondles.

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Discover the Fope brand at H L Brown Sheffield and our James Usher store in Lincoln. Our brand ambassadors will be pleased to see you.

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