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“Do not follow fashion, but be guided by the present.”

Georg Jensen
1866 – 1935

Growing up in Raadvad near Copenhagen, Jensen was inspired by his picturesque surroundings and followed the path of becoming an artist. He was known for being a sculptor and ceramist, but he found worldwide recognition with his exceptional talent as a silver smith. He established his silver smithy in Copenhagen in 1904 aged 37, and his artistic sense of form has come to define the era of 20th century Scandinavian design.

Jensen’s unique style included sculptural elements, the use of flora and fauna, oxidisation of silver, incorporation of gemstones and a hammered, textured quality to the surface of silver. He was also keen to collaborate with creative designers from outside of his own smithy, something which has continued within the brand to current day.

Design collaborators include greats such as Henning Koppel, Arne Jacobsen and Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe to name a few.

With a brand commitment to sustainability Georg Jensen can be found in our H.L. Brown Sheffield and James Usher Lincoln stores, as well as online.

Daisy Collection

Georg Jensen X Stine Goya: a collaboration that has revamped the classic Daisy collection with brand new styles and a fresh colour palette. Come discover Danish designer Stine Goya's re-imagined pieces.

Moonlight Grapes Collection

The modern Moonlight Grapes collection is inspired by one of Georg Jensen's original 1920s silver designs, re-imagined for a contemporary take on a house icon.

Fusion Collection

Customise Georg Jensen's Fusion collection with endless combinations of interlocking rings set with diamonds, coloured gemstones or polished 18ct gold in a range of colours. Create your story with the Fusion collection.

Mercy Collection

Georg Jensen's Mercy collection is made up of beautiful, organic, sculptural designs that wrap around and flow. Designed by Jaqueline Rabun, the Mercy collection is available in polished sterling silver.

You can find Georg Jensen stocked in our H.L. Brown Sheffield and James Usher Lincoln stores.

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